I was born and breed in Buffalo, NY, then moved to NYC to pursue a career in Law Enforcement. Now after being back home, I realize that everyone has a love for fashion and a desire to uniquely express themselves as individuals. From Dubai, Tokyo, Amsterdam, L.A., Chicago, Detroit, Atl, and NY fashion brings us all together. It is universal. Fashion does not discriminate. I bring to you contemporary, razor-edged, street style fashion with cutting trends and classic looks. Looks to Envy. Get styled by New York's very own fashionista!

When styling all things must be taken into consideration, size of a client, their dislikes, and desires. Color is very important because we all are so many different shades. Shape of a person plays a role as well, because there may be things that I can wear that someone else can't. Styling is so much about personality, and your inner self. What we wear represents who we are as a person. The first thing people look at when they see you is your clothes, shoes, and bag. Every women should have what I call a "statement bag", this bag says alot about you. You are judged sometimes ladies by your handbag(purse). Your sense of style is determined sometimes by your purse. Your purse and clothes tell a story about who you are and your sense of style. That is why people that have fashion sense shine, and those that don't put their clothes together well, they don't stand out in a crowd.


Confidence is key. You must have confidence and feel good wearing your clothes, and when you exude this confidence and style together you start what I call trending or Trendsetter. When people see your confidence, and how good you look and feel, it radiates and people start to want to dress like you or something similar, but with their own flair. But you begin to set trends and styles that are exemplary. Men are different, because they can wear loose or more fitted styles for their bodies and still look good. But they too are all different sizes, shapes like us. So they have to be styled too. Some may look good in a bow tie, whereas others look better in a simple tie. Some look good with a beard, some with just a shadow(fade). Styling with confidence is also important for men. It all depends on lifestyle and personality.

My commitment being a personal stylist is that I will take all things into consideration when styling my clients. I know sometimes people get frustrated when it comes to shopping. I know sometimes people have body images that they are not satisfied with. That's why I'm here, to help you with your image, give you a little more confidence, so you can shine. I promise to be patient, listen, and be sensitive to all of your concerns and issues, as a fashion and image consultant. You will be so happy, and if its your wardrobe, I can do that too. I will add key pieces and certain things to enhance your wardrobe and give it a total Makeover. As your Personal Stylist I will dress you appropriately for all occasions, giving you luxe looks at affordable pricing. I promise I will give you Looks to envy.

Valerie Wallace
“Looks To Envy”